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How it works

@growbot is your team's appreciation bot. It helps spread recognition and positivity by listening and encouraging props, kudos, and cheers in all your favorite #channels.

Props 101

To give props, @growbot just needs:
To be in the #channel or @group
Recognize a keyword (ex: props, kudos, and more)
Tag @user(s)
A brief description

When @growbot recognizes props, it sends a funny (or punny) response and adds celebratory reactions.

You can give props to one or multiple teammates at once!

Props @jeff for reaching out to all of our customers for feedback @jeff gets props
Props @elon & @gwynne for launching rockets @elon and @gwynne get props

You can even give props to @channels, #channels, or @groups!

Props @channel for all your hard work this quarter! 💪 @channel gets props


For every 1 , 1 , or 1 props receive, @growbot adds a point to the receiver(s) reaction score.

2 2 1 adds 5 to receiver(s) score. Ex: @ted 5

Inviting to #channels

@growbot works best in #channels you use most often. There's a few ways to invite to channels:

/invite @growbot #channelIn @growbot DM or #channel
invite #marketing #general #fun@growbot DM only

@growbot always joins silently . You can choose to introduce it after inviting to specific channels.


We built @growbot to fit your culture. For all these customizations and more, visit your @growbot settings page (admins only, send "settings" to @growbot to reach it).


@growbot can listen for any keywords you tell it to! The defaults are:

props, cheers, kudos, shoutout, & wins.

A few of our favorite customizations are:

booyah, rock on, above and beyond, hat tip, & great job.

Default keyword

Choose one of your enabled keywords as the default. This is how we'll refer to props in all @growbot messaging.

Default channel

Wins are happening across your entire team. @growbot can forward all of them to one place. That way #marketing knows all the good stuff that's happening in #engineering and vice versa! Set a default channel (we recommend something like #props or #wins) and start collecting all the wins!

Be sure to turn "cc" on in your Basic Settings page.

We also use the default channel to send @growbot summary reports like the most popular props, leaderboards, etc.


@growbot doesn't just save all the props, it totals them for team motivation.


View leaderboards by channel! Filter by day, week, month, quarter, year, or all-time.


Ask Growbot for stats via DM or in a #channel.

stats@growbot DM
@growbot stats #channel or @user (optional)@growbot DM or #channel

Channel recaps

Once a week, @growbot will send a recap to the channels it is used most in. You can edit the day and time of these recaps or turn them off on the channel settings page.

DM recaps

When you give or receive props, @growbot will follow up with fun stats like who liked it and more. To turn these notifications off just send a DM to @growbot and follow the prompt:

mute shut up stop@growbot DM


Growbot Premium is pretty awesome. You can integrate your core values into props, and view powerful reporting related to recognition, culture score, and productivity.

To learn more about Growbot Premium, check out these resources:
Growbot Values
Growbot Reporting
Growbot Pricing

Or send us an email!

Growbot Values

Growbot knows your core values and can show them on command! Once configured, type values and Growbot surfaces them whenever you need.

Recognize values as they happen. Just type :value... when giving kudos and Growbot will attach it!

Cultural data rolls up into a powerful dashboard for actionable insights tied to sentiment, goals, and productivity.

Growbot Reporting

Powerful views on the data related to recognition, culture, and morale.

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