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8,000+ teams use Growbot to boost appreciation at work

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Instant appreciation is a Slack message away

Growbot makes it easy and fun to celebrate great work when and where it happens.

Celebrate accomplishments in real-time with fun reactions and points.

Save all the props in one place so the whole company can see them.

Keep track of who is receiving the most praise from peers & managers.

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Celebrate wins

Growbot celebrates great work where it's happening and saves it for later. View your score, the leaderboard, and more.

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Connect values with work

Growbot knows your core values and can show them on command! Once configured, type values and Growbot surfaces them whenever you need.

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Powerful reporting

Cultural data rolls up into a powerful dashboard for actionable insights tied to sentiment, goals, and productivity.

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Backed by experts

"85–93% of people feel under-appreciated at work. That under-appreciation feeds cynicism and short tempers, short-circuiting our openness to suggestions and ability to collaborate effectively as a team...This is one reason that having Growbot in your slack channel, for example, serves as an easy reminder to give props and appreciate others you work with regularly."

Sheila Heen - Author & advisor
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Increase to team appreciation


Boost to employee sentiment


Saved in reporting (weekly)

You're in good company

"Our values have been part of the company since day one, but we struggled with how best to integrate them in our daily tasks. Turns out, we could easily link them to the Growbot β€œprops” making them visible and easy to use for everyone."

Don't believe Phil?

That's fine. 8,000+ companies probably aren't wrong

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